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Nursing Scrubs in the Modern World

A few decades back, nurses would normally be seen wearing crisp white ankle-length nursing scrubs and a very prim and distinguishable nurse's cap. While the appearance exudes authority and perhaps reflects the high esteem accorded to their profession, these nursing scrubs did not really offer much comfort and freedom of movement.

Nursing scrubs today are a far cry from these starched uniforms. The regular routine of nurses involves a lot of movement like bending and lifting so ease of movement should really be of high priority. Most manufacturers of modern nursing scrubs use cotton fabric, which is very soft and allows the nurses to move freely as they go about their daily chores in the hospital or clinic.

Besides being a supple material, cotton is also useful in absorbing unpleasant smells. This keeps the hospital environment odor-free and helps the nurses themselves to stay fresh during their entire shift.

There are also some manufacturers of nurse uniforms that make use of a combination of cotton and polyester which makes for a more heavy-duty material that still offers adequate softness. In fact, the nursing scrubs of today are so comfortable that even people outside the medical field are buying nursing scrubs for their everyday use.

Another significant improvement that nursing scrubs have undergone over time is the shorter hemline. It is really difficult to stay on top of things if your leg movement is very limited. Most nursing scrubs these days have skirts that are cut just a few inches below the knee, which will allow you to move more quickly.

Over the years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of male nurses, and so the popularity of the pantsuit-type nursing scrubs grew considerably. In fact, the majority of female nurses in the United States today choose to wear the same kind of nursing scrubs as the men rather than the traditional white blouse and skirt. The loose-fitting pantsuit is definitely easier to wear and allows them to do their jobs more efficiently.

Besides the new styles of nursing scrubs, there are also new colors to choose from. Gone are the days when nurses were restricted to a white wardrobe. Today, nursing scrubs are available in many different pastel hues like pink and blue.

You can even find printed nursing scrubs, most of which are designed for nurses assigned to pediatrics. The delightful patterns not only add to the aesthetic value of the nursing scrubs but also lessen the fear and anxiety of the young patients.

Although there is a wide array of nursing scrubs to choose from, many hospitals still have restrictions as to the colors and styles of the nursing scrubs. For instance, most hospitals reserve the use of blue or green nursing scrubs to the operating room.

In more unorthodox institutions, you will probably be allowed to purchase your own nursing scrubs but many hospitals do provide their nurses with a uniform. Different hospitals have different policies on these matters so it is best to check first before buying your nursing scrubs.

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